• Ministry Staff Training (2 Yearly Review)

    by Tim Wiel
    5 Lessonsin

    So you want to review your expired Leaders Induction Training... Sili ona lelei! - that mean's "excellent" in Samoan . Then complete this really short course to show you still know your stuff!

  • Speakers Training

    by Tim Wiel
    14 Lessonsin

    So you’ve been invited to be a speaker at a CYC Waihola Ministry camp.  Choice!! In some ways the speaker’s role at camp is the most important. It’s your role to present the Gospel in a easy to understand manner at the level of the campers. This training is to give you some guidance as […]

  • Cooks Training

    by Tim Wiel
    25 Lessonsin

    This course is required for everyone wishing to be involved in cooking food for our Ministry Camps at CYC Waihola. It doesn’t matter if you have cooked before or not as, in 2018, new food safety leglislation came into effect that changes some of the way we do things at CYC Waihola. This course is […]

  • Risk Management Training

    by Tim Wiel
    8 Lessons

    So you want to be able to run high risk activities at CYC Waihola. Fremragende!! (that's danish for "excellent"). This is the course for you...

  • Directors Training

    by Tim Wiel
    28 Lessonsin

    So you want to be a CYC Waihola director. Ni bora! This is the course for you...

  • Ministry Staff Training

    by Tim Wiel
    22 Lessonsin

    So you want to be a leader at our CYC Waihola camps.  Kapai!! (that means "awesome stuff" in Te Reo Maori). This is the course for you ......... so click the "Start Taking Course Button" to sign up!